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World's Largest Clipper Parts Supplier


Gordon Sturm and his wife Carren founded The Edge Pro in 1990. For the next 13 years the business grew in their home in Ankeny Iowa, where they focused on sales and sharpening services to the barber, beauty, animal grooming and veterinarian industries.

In 1999 Gordon's son Jason joined the company and by 2003 the business had outgrown its "home" and a store front location was opened at its current location. With a store front open to the public the business has expanded its sharpening services from beauty and grooming scissors and clipper blades to include sewing shears knives, chainsaw chains, hand tools, paper cutting blades and other misc. items. We have even sharpened the occasional sword. To keep it all in the family, Jasons wife helps out and their oldest daughter works whenever she is home from college. The youngest two children are apprentices in training. The family cat even resides at the store.